Melissa Barrera praises Scream fans for "beautiful" support

Melissa Barrera has praised Scream fans for their "beautiful" support following her exit from the franchise.

The actor played Billy Loomis’ daughter Sam Carpenter in the horror franchise’s fifth and sixth instalments, and was set to return for the seventh before being dropped from the film last year.

Discussing the support she's received from Scream fans since the news broke, Barrera told Entertainment Weekly: "It was very beautiful, very unexpected. Obviously, I just didn't know what the reaction was going to be.

"Seeing the love and the support from the fans, the people that understand that it's bigger than a movie — what's happening is not just about a movie, it's something deeper — I'm very grateful."

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She continued: "To see the support from the [Scream] fans, I just felt very validated. It was beautiful in that moment where I felt so lonely and scared and just in a dark place; to feel them lifting me was beautiful."

The Hollywood Reporter claimed Barrera was dismissed because of her comments about the Israel-Palestine conflict. After Barrera's exit, her on-screen sister Jenna Ortega and the movie's director Christopher Landon also announced they would be leaving the franchise.

But her Scream exit doesn't mean we aren't seeing her on screen anytime soon. In fact, Barrera is back with a new horror movie releasing this week, called Abigail. The film is directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, who previously worked with the actor on Scream and Scream VI.

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Speaking exlusively to Digital Spy about the reunion, the actor said: "I obviously would want to work with them forever, but I wanted to read the script first and see if I was right for it.

"I wouldn't want them to cast me in something because we're friends and because they know me. I would want to know that I am the best person for the role and that I can do a great job with it."

She added: "I read the script, loved it, love vampires, always wanted to be in a vampire movie and I knew that Matt and Tyler were going to do something really special and unique with it. It was a no-brainer for me."

Abigail is released in cinemas on April 19.

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