Meharrie new bylaw enforcement officer for Faraday and Tudor and Cashel

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Dwayne Meharrie is the new bylaw enforcement officer for Faraday Township and Tudor and Cashel Township, as revealed at the Faraday council meeting on Aug. 3. His first official day in the role was July 28. After discussing Meharrie’s hiring through bylaw 26-2022, Faraday council voted to approve his posting as the new bylaw enforcement officer.

Under the Municipal Act, S.O.2001, a municipality’s capacity, rights, powers and privileges shall be exercised by bylaw unless authorized to do otherwise, and the Police Services Act, R.S.O. 1990 gives municipal councils the power to appoint persons to enforce municipal bylaws.

Lisa Hall, the deputy clerk and treasurer, said in her report to council that interviews for the bylaw enforcement officer position were held on July 14, and that they’d selected Meharrie for the role, to be confirmed by council by bylaw later on in the meeting.

Hall says that the township advertised for the position in late June/early July and had several good applicants.

“Dwayne brings a lot of knowledge and experience that will be a great asset to the township. He will be starting as bylaw enforcement officer immediately,” she says.

According to chief building official and bylaw enforcement officer Scott Richardson’s report to council, there were a few written complaints on file that would need to be passed on and dealt with by Meharrie as he goes about his new position.

Meharrie is currently the community fire safety officer, the municipal law enforcement officer and the community emergency management coordinator with the Township of Carlow Mayo. He recently organized a well received CEMC emergency management tabletop exercise, based off of a military aircraft crash, with Carlow Mayo, Faraday, Limerick, Tudor and Cashel and Wollaston on June 23.

Nancy Carrol, the clerk and treasurer for Tudor and Cashel Township, said Meharrie had been hired for those times when there are incidents that Richardson was not available to mitigate.

“During our peak building season, Mr. Richardson finds that the building side of his role within the township makes it difficult for him to perform some duties with regard to bylaw enforcement. I worked with Mr. Meharrie during the emergency management exercise earlier this year and he was very professional and organized. The township looks forward to working with him in the future,” she says.

Tudor and Cashel council confirmed Meharrie’s hiring through bylaw 2022-29 at their meeting on Aug. 2.

Meharrie told The Bancroft Times on August 4 that he was excited for the opportunity to work with Faraday and Tudor and Cashel as their new bylaw enforcement officer.

“I applied to the position to be able to serve the residents and seasonal population of Faraday and Tudor and Cashel townships and figured it was a great opportunity engage with the public,” he says.

A lot of what enforcement is, according to Meharrie, is talking and listening to the concerns of the public. He said his first official day was July 28.

“One thing I would like to continue in this role, as I do in my other roles for other municipalities, is striving to provide the best possible services to the townships’ residents,” he says. “Again, I look forward to working in this role.”

Michael Riley, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Bancroft Times