Megyn Kelly Says if Kate Middleton Didn’t Want Public Gossip, She ‘Could Have Remained a Commoner’ | Video

Megyn Kelly shares no remorse for discussing Princess of Wales Kate Middleton amid her family Photoshop controversy, the affair rumors surrounding her husband Prince William and the royal’s attempt to hide from media attention. The conservative podcaster said the price of being famous means being subjected to gossip, and if Middleton can’t handle it, she could have just “remained a commoner.”

“I don’t feel bad talking about this even a little, because literally she might be the most famous woman in the world. I can’t think of somebody who’s more famous than Kate Middleton,” Kelly said during her podcast “The Megyn Kelly Show.” “But there is something going on, and it does appear that Kate Middleton seems pissed off because of the latest paparazzi shot of her, she intentionally looked the other way she didn’t make eye contact with the camera. We don’t know exactly what’s happening. And how did she get so famous? She married Prince William. Was that an accident? Hell no… So they did get married and she became one of the most famous, richest [people].”

Middleton’s personal drama has been in media headlines for weeks as folks have questioned her whereabouts, speculated intentions behind a Photoshopped image of her and her three children as well as grown more curious about William’s rumored mistress Rose Hanbury, as well as Kate’s recent abdominal surgery.

For Kelly, she felt the attention Middleton is getting comes as part of the royal package.

“This is the downside of it. There’s interest in you. There’s way more upside than there is downside to having people been interested in you,” Kelly said. “And unfortunately, that means if you have a major health crisis, people are going to want to know about it. And that was true for the Queen.”

“And it’s really true for a 42-year-old future queen who shouldn’t be having one month stays in the hospital,” Kelly continued. “And then three months reclusive periods thereafter, to the point where she has to release — which she did by the way, she got us paying attention to her — by releasing the photograph.”

“She could have just said, ‘I’ve gone underground and still in my recovery,'” the host noted. “But she released through the palace this photo of her and the family which was a fake. I don’t know exactly what she did to it, or how she did it… Something massive happened in that thing. It was a fake and a fraud to the point where the agencies all pulled it. So I make no apologies for being interested in this because when people smell a lie, especially involving somebody that rich and powerful, they don’t let go.”

Kelly then went after “The View” host Whoopi Goldberg coming to Middleton’s defense, as the show’s panel discussed how Princess Diana, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were and are being treated by media.

“When you buy into this stuff, when they start doing it to your family, or they start doing it to your kids, it’s not cute. It’s not fun, and it really irritates me,” Goldberg said during Monday morning’s show.

Kelly drilled into the EGOT winner, defending people’s nosiness.

“They [‘The View’ hosts] don’t think this is appropriate. Whoopi Goldberg would like us all to just STFU,” Kelly said. “[Whoopi] was one step away from accusing us of doxing Kate Middleton. Kate is famous because she’s literally the Princess of Wales. She’s the future queen. That’s why we’re interested in her.”

Kelly continued: “It was a position she sought and accepted, she puts herself out there on the balcony in the pictures along with her husband, they of course make the children public figures. They were their born public figures and then they remain and get touted and flouted and all the rest of it. That’s a choice.”

“You don’t have to do that, especially Kate,” Kelly added. “She could have remained a commoner like she was. It comes with the territory. I’m sorry. I know you want to keep whatever happened to you private. That ship sailed when you joined this wacky family, and now people are interested in you, for better or for worse.”

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