Megyn Kelly Mocked On Twitter For Having A Meltdown Over Jill Biden's Title

Conservative commentator Megyn Kelly threw a fit on Twitter during Sunday’s NFC championship game over a single word uttered by the announcers: “Doctor,” as in “Dr. Jill Biden.”

The first lady grew up in the Philadelphia area and was at the game to cheer on her Eagles as the team defeated the San Francisco 49ers to earn a trip to the Super Bowl.

The announcers used the title when they spotted her in the crowd, causing Kelly to rage-tweet:

Biden has a doctorate in education, a fact that has for some reason triggered people on the right.

But despite her gripes about the first lady, Kelly has had no problem with the “doctor” honorific for other non-medical doctors. In a 2015 Fox News interview, she introduced Sebastian Gorka ― who has a Ph.D. in political science ― as “Dr. Gorka,” and used the title throughout. She’s also referred to him that way on Twitter.

Kelly’s critics on Twitter called foul: