Megan Fox’s latest look reminds us of the 00s concealer lip trend and it’s such a vibe

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I don’t think it’s possible for Megan Fox to rock any kind of beauty trend and look bad. In fact, the actor proved it when she trialled a look that reminded us of a very Marmite 00s makeup trend.

Last night, Megan wore a nude lip that was so pale in hue that it almost blurred her lips out completely. Of course, the Transformers star is wearing lipstick here but the tone is so nude, it’s almost like she was wearing concealer on her lips.

Concealed lips was a huge trend in the mid-00s. It involved wearing, you guessed it, an actual concealer on your lips instead of a traditional lip product. Sort of like how Voldemort has no nose, the result of this trend was to leave you with washed-out lips.

Yes, it sounds slightly hit or miss but it’s a trend that has been picking up on TikTok recently, with #concealerlips racking up more than 4.1 million views.

Megan’s makeup artist Jenna Kristina posted a picture of the makeup look on Instagram and it went down a treat with fans.

“Gorgeous!! What’s the lip combo?🔥,” wrote one user.

“Lip combooooo plz 😍😍😍,” another user wrote.

While one added: “I like the light lip on her best!😍😍😍 so pretty”

There was also: “You’re amazing!!!! Pls share the lips shade?”, “What’s on her lips?!”, “What lipstick color is that? Xxx”, “Which lipstick did you use???”… you get the picture.

If you’ve been avoiding the resurgence of the concealer lip trend, you could always ease yourself in with a lipstick, like Megan. Who knows? You might be won over.

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