Megan Fox’s “Blue Jeans” Bob Has Me Changing All My Spring Hair Plans

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I don't even know how to begin explaining to you the state of suspense Allure's beauty news team is plunged into when a celebrity hints that a big hair change is nigh. We speculate, we investigate, we pull muscles in our thumbs refreshing both the star and their stylist's Instagram grids. So on Monday, when Megan Fox posted a carousel of photos and wrote, “In memoriam of my pink hair era February 2024 - April 2024,” we immediately went into pins-and-needles mode. Would she be going back to brunette? Trying something entirely new? Shaving her head? And how long would we have to wait to find out?

Not long, it turns out.

On Tuesday, April 2, stylist and colorist Dimitris Giannetos revealed Fox's new look, and I definitely did not see this coming. He took her from bubblegum pink to pastel blue — or as Giannetos is calling it, “blue jeans” blue, due to its light-wash denim hue.

In addition to Giannetos confirming that the new look is not a wig, the photos reveal that the color is surprisingly accessible. Giannetos used L'Oréal Paris Féria in the shade Sapphire Smoke — a shimmering, smoky, pale blue that almost perfectly matches Fox's eyes.

But her hair color isn't the only change. Giannetos also chopped off several inches to give Fox the cutest, chicest, straight, side-parted bob. Depending on how she flips it, you can see the rootiness Giannetos intentionally left.

I'm very curious if — after bright red, bubblegum pink, and pastel blue — Fox will keep checking off the fantasy color boxes or go back to a more natural hue. But I'll try not to obsess about it until she announces another change is coming.

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