Meet the world's youngest published authors

STORY: "My name is Saeed. I love reading, writing, and I love playing with robotics. I love doing maths and also I am the youngest author in the world!"

Four-year-old Saeed Rashed AlMheiri has set a Guinness World Record

as the youngest person to publish a book

"(The book) is about when the elephant said 'let's have a picnic' and the polar bear agreed. And they became friends."

His 8-year-old sister AlDhabi also received a Guinness World Record

for being the world’s youngest female author to publish a bilingual book

(AlDhabi AlMheiri, Author)

"A lot of children in my school come to me and ask me, 'can you make a book for me? Can we have some things from you?' So they all come to me and ask me these things and I'm delighted. I'm happy that they feel that there's someone that can help them. They feel like I can see them, that they're happy."