Meet Kyle Thomas, PEOPLE's Resident Celebrity Astrologer

Kyle Thomas will 'speak the truth of what the stars have to say' through PEOPLE's weekly horoscopes

<p>Lindsay Rosenberg Photography, Getty</p>

Lindsay Rosenberg Photography, Getty

Meet Kyle Thomas!

If you've been aligning with PEOPLE's astrology posts about the months' moons and how they affect your zodiac sign or what 2024 might mean for you, it's time to get to know the voice behind the predictions.

Thomas is an astrologer who specializes in pop culture and is known for his cosmic guidance of celebrities, business executives and prominent influencers. Over the course of his decades-long career, he's harnessed the power of the stars tied to entertainment and trends worldwide.

Now, Thomas is keeping the momentum going as PEOPLE's new resident astrologer, bringing readers exciting weekly horoscopes and fun predictions in association with major astrological events.

“Astrology is predictive, but it is productive as well. This is the eternal truth that I teach," Thomas tells PEOPLE exclusively. "It is a tool to guide us to show us how we can become the best versions of ourselves while we unlock our destiny."

Thomas views astrology as an "art form" that we can use to "empower ourselves and unlock a life of true fulfillment." He explains, "Art is the soul of humanity. Astrology is the encapsulation of life and the human experience. I desire to make art and astrology one through my work.”

"I truly hope that every single person finds a piece of wisdom within it that empowers you to live life with confidence, hope and strength,” he adds.

Read on to learn more about PEOPLE's resident astrologer, Kyle Thomas!

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He is a globally recognized pop culture astrologer

<p>Alexxis Grant </p> Kyle Thomas, PEOPLE's resident celebrity and pop-culture astrologer.

Alexxis Grant

Kyle Thomas, PEOPLE's resident celebrity and pop-culture astrologer.

Thomas is a pop culture astrologer who specializes in entertainment lifestyle and timely trends worldwide. He's known for his cosmic guidance of celebrities and prominent figures, in addition to his contributions to and appearances on various media outlets over the course of his decades-long career.

“Throughout my life and work, I have found that everyone wants to be happy. Everyone wants to fall in love. Everyone wants to be respected. Everyone wants to be honored. Everyone wants to learn, prosper and grow," Thomas tells PEOPLE.

"Each of us are little solar systems of our own — a reflection of the stars, the people and the experiences around us," he continues. "I want to inspire and guide those who are open to live the life that fulfills them."

He began studying astrology at eight years old

<p>Getty</p> Horoscope circle.


Horoscope circle.

Thomas' love for astrology dates back to childhood. "I was always the ‘weird astrology kid’ growing up because the first thing I’d ask people when I met them was ‘What’s your sign?’," he tells PEOPLE.

At eight years old, Thomas began "studying" astrology — but it wasn't until his teen years that he began to take it more seriously. He went on to earn two bachelor degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he majored in psychology and english.

"I have always loved art, humanity and psychology," says Thomas, who remembered the weekend trips he'd take with his dad to the library where he'd read and learn about the topic as a kid. "I was fascinated by ancient myth and the power these historic civilizations had," he recalls.

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He uses the stars to form his predictions

John Davis/Stocktrek Images / Getty Images Two Perseid meteors streak across the Milky Way during the 2012 meteor shower in Oklahoma.
John Davis/Stocktrek Images / Getty Images Two Perseid meteors streak across the Milky Way during the 2012 meteor shower in Oklahoma.

Thomas stresses the "most important" part of his education was — "and still is" — to find "hypothetical evidence" to support his readings. "Even though I have a spiritual mind, I am also scientific."

"I have found that the ancient truth is accurate, although I do have some interpretations I question and make my own... My predictions come from watching the stars. I look to the sky and see them," he says.

"There are thousands of constellations and a cascade of stars in our sky," explains Thomas. "I watch the heavens, just like ancient astrologers, but I use maps I’ve created and technology of NASA to chart my readings. I practice Western Astrology.”

Thomas' "favorite thing" about astrology is the geometry and numbers involved with the practice because "it’s more practical," he says. However, he blends it with his "intuitive abilities" to "gain even more insight."

"I use astrology to nail down dates, but use my psychic abilities and tarot to see more about how life unfolds," Thomas says. “I’ve predicted so many people finding love — including marriages — but also breakups."

He says he has psychic abilities, too

<p>Alexxis Grant </p> Kyle Thomas, PEOPLE's resident celebrity and pop culture astrologer.

Alexxis Grant

Kyle Thomas, PEOPLE's resident celebrity and pop culture astrologer.

Thomas describes himself as a psychic, too — though, he notes that "we are all psychic." He says he's just opened his "energy to seeing more" than others might have allowed themselves.

"One of my greatest joys would be to teach the entire world to be psychic," Thomas shares. "I think we as a civilization would be happier and more peaceful if we honored that... Everyone can do it if they unlock their intuition and listen to the spirit that runs through the collective unconscious.”

He specializes in predictions about celebrities — and has many celebrity clients

<p>Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty; Getty; Todd Owyoung/NBC via Getty</p> Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce astrology.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty; Getty; Todd Owyoung/NBC via Getty

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce astrology.

Thomas has publicly written about and made bold predictions in the media about some of the biggest stars in Hollywood and has worked with a handful of them as well — although due to privacy concerns, he's unable to name names.

Among the celebrity readings he's previously shared with PEOPLE include Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's astrological compatibility, in addition to whether Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet's star signs align.

"I always want to talk about the beauty in celebrities and the good about their lives and their work," Thomas says. "Kindness is important and I stand by professionalism and confidentiality.”

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His astrology work spans many different art forms

<p>Getty</p> Horoscope wheel.


Horoscope wheel.

Thomas shares his art of astrology on his website and social media platforms, consisting of horoscopes and pop culture-focused predictions. Among them include his Academy Award predictions, celebrity couple compatibility and political predictions.

He also has a lot of fun projects in the works. “Collaborating with a tribe of people is so deeply important to me," he tells PEOPLE. "I have an incredible network of people and team that are building projects with me. We are producing books, art, music, film, television and many new projects."

He concludes, "Many big things are igniting! Watch for it! And may the stars ever be in your favor.”

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