Meet Kyle Land, Idaho Statesman’s Boise, Garden City, Ada County government reporter

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Kyle Land joins the Idaho Statesman to cover the City of Boise, Ada County and Garden City governments. Kyle comes most recently from the Albuquerque Journal in New Mexico covering Santa Fe city government.

Kyle is one of several new hires at the Statesman as we build out our newsroom.

Kyle grew up in San Francisco’s East Bay Area, earned a degree in history from the University of New Mexico, and was drawn to journalism because of the chance to meet interesting people.

“It’s always incredibly humbling when regular citizens trust you with their stories,” they said. “I love digging deep and asking hard questions, while always remembering those impacted by the issues I’m covering.”

The goal always is to seek the humanity that exists within every situation.

“Really good journalism often reflects the daily existences of people in a variety of situations and that’s what I want my stories to bring to Boise,” Kyle said.

Kyle moved to Boise in July with a cattle dog mix named Goat, rescued from the side of a road in a small New Mexico town.

When not working, Kyle enjoys going to concerts, playing banjo, hiking with Goat, watching baseball and exploring Boise’s local character and cafes. They also enjoy reading about history.

Kyle identifies as non-binary and uses they/them pronouns.

Twitter: @kyleoftheland

Contact:, 208-398-4219

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