A McLaren F1 Windshield replacement Reportedly Costs $33,000

mclaren f1 windshield damage
A McLaren F1 Windshield Replacement Costs $33,000Colleen365gtb4c / Instagram

In addition to being one of the greatest cars ever, the McLaren F1 is also one of the most specialized. Just over a hundred of the landmark supercars were produced, all built to the exacting specifications of Gordon Murray without the parts catalog of a larger performance car company to fall back on. That means even repairs that are pretty straightforward on a higher-volume car can get surprisingly expensive. If you need to replace a windshield on your $20 million F1, for instance, you may be out $33,000.

That number comes from a Motor1 report, which claims that the glass itself is $25,000 and the installation cost adds another $6000 to the customer's total. Fortunately for the F1 owners of the world, McLaren apparently still has original glass replacements for the cars in storage and plans to commission new windshields for the existing F1s before the supply of spare glass runs out. Keeping a legend on the road is expensive, but so long as there is still one McLaren F1 technician in the U.S. and a company in England willing to support its most legendary creation, owners will have options.

Unfortunately, two owners will have to use those options very soon. An Instagram video recorded at last weekend's Velocity Invitational shows that two F1 road cars cracked their windscreens during the event at Sonoma Raceway. Since that is just under 2% of all remaining F1s in the world, the team in charge of windshield replacements on the greatest car of the 1990s is about to be unusually busy.

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