New McDonald’s by Fort Worth is unlike any you’ve seen: It serves burgers by conveyor

The Fort Worth area has a new McDonald’s that looks like none other you’ve seen before — including a conveyor belt to deliver your Quarter Pounders and fries.

The newly opened McDonald’s is at 8540 West Freeway in White Settlement, along Interstate 30 at Las Vegas Trail. It is a test concept for the fast-food giant that is smaller than traditional McDonald’s restaurants and focuses on express to-go orders through the company’s app.

The digital focus means customers can order ahead and use a special drive-thru lane, where the orders arrive on a food and beverage conveyor. The small-format restaurant also has a delivery pick-up room and kiosks for to-go orders.

“At McDonald’s, we’ve been setting the standard for Drive Thrus for more than 45 years,” McDonald’s senior director of global design and restaurant development, Max Carmona, said in a release. “As our customers’ needs continue to change, we are committed to finding new ways to serve them faster and easier than ever before.”

McDonald’s has only one other location outside Fort Worth featuring the unique restaurant style. The launch is part of McDonald’s ongoing “Accelerating the Arches” growth strategy first highlighted in 2020.

“The technology in this restaurant not only allows us to serve our customers in new, innovative ways, it gives our restaurant team the ability to concentrate more on order speed and accuracy, which makes the experience more enjoyable for everyone,” the restaurant’s local owner, Keith Vanecek, said in a release.