Mayor of small Missouri city steps down after investigation into alleged racial slur

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The mayor of Bates City, a small Missouri city along Interstate 70 in western Lafayette County, has resigned in advance of an impeachment hearing concerning alleged sexual harassment and racial slurs.

In a letter dated Oct. 18 to the city’s board of aldermen, Mayor Shawn Fox notified officials of his resignation.

“As of today, I regretfully am informing the board and the city, this is my formal notice of resignation as Mayor of Bate City effective immediately,” Fox wrote in the letter. “I am resigning with the sole belief, this is in the best interest of the citizens and Bates City.”

In a special meeting Wednesday, the board of aldermen accepted his resignation. The board was planning to discuss and vote on a resolution to initiate the impeachment process of Fox. The city recently had concluded an investigation into the mayor.

Recently, Donnie Hammond resigned from his seat on the board of aldermen, citing health reasons. His resignation was approved Tuesday.

The board plans to take up the vacancies at its next meeting on Nov. 9, said Sharon Barker, the city clerk for Bates City.

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