Mayo Is The Unexpected Pizza Topping That Some Folks Crave

pizza with mayonnaise topping
pizza with mayonnaise topping - Dylannlaw/Getty Images

Among controversial candidates for the worst pizza topping, mayonnaise almost seems like an unforgivable crime. Even when used conventionally, such as on sandwiches or for salad dressing, the condiment remains a hot-button culinary issue; the hatred it garners can likely be attributed to its "viscous" texture, which nearly 20% of Americans find off-putting, according to Popular Science. Based on mayonnaise's status, a Reddit thread proposing that mayo is a delicious pizza topping is proving downright shocking to many on the social media platform. However, the original poster makes a passionate case.

According to the thread's author, the condiment pairs best with certain types of pizza, including "four cheese" and "meatlovers." It's apparently also a great way to spruce up "leftover morning pizza." As you might imagine, this revelation was met with horror among some commenters, with one person stating, "Has anyone called the cops yet?" and another conceding, "Mayo on pizza is less horrifying than ketchup on pizza." Some Redditors were less aghast, and many claimed that mayo on pizza was beloved in different parts of the world. In fact, one Italian city takes the controversial pie in a bold direction.

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A Pizza So Iconic That It Gets Its Own Festival

pizza with hard boiled eggs
pizza with hard boiled eggs - Artit Wongpradu/Shutterstock

Pesaro, Italy, is the birthplace of Pizza Rossini, a pie that features sliced hard-boiled eggs and mayo on a Margherita-style pizza. While the odd concoction has made its way to other countries over the years, such as Brazil, it remains best known within Pesaro. And city residents are so proud of their one-of-a-kind pie that they even celebrated it with a festival.

In 2018, Pesaro held a Pizza Rossini festival in honor of the inspiration for this culinary curiosity. Best known for creating The Barber of Seville, among many other operas, Gioacchino Rossini was said to have a great affinity for mayo and boiled eggs. He was also quite passionate about cooking and using ingredients in novel ways, so much so that he eventually focused his efforts on culinary experimentation. Sadly, the composer never got to sample the pizza created in his honor, but the people of Pesaro hoped that the festival would introduce others around the world to this uncommon combination of ingredients.

Does The Choice Of Mayo Matter?

bottle of Kewpie mayo
bottle of Kewpie mayo - Facebook

In the Reddit thread touting mayo-topped pizza, the poster is quite militant about mayonnaise selection. Per the Redditor, "Please note that I'm not talking about whatever Kraft calls mayonnaise, that egg white and vegetable oil abomination can die in a fire." They go on to recommend Hellman's as the preferred choice when they're not up to making mayo from scratch. It seems that lots of people hold a poor opinion of American-made mayo, with many complaining about the flavorlessness of this common condiment.

If you're interested in experimenting with mayonnaise as a pizza topping, choosing a more flavorful brand may elevate the experience. In this case, Kewpie, a brand developed in Japan but relatively easy to procure in the U.S., comes highly recommended. The primary difference between Kewpie and its American counterparts is the use of egg yolks, as opposed to using every part of the egg. Kewpie also contains yeast extract, an additive that's said to imbue foods with a delectable savory quality (also known as umami). As a result, Kewpie is associated with a more complex flavor that could complement pizza flavors beautifully.

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