Maybe (Definitely) Mom just Wants Wine this Mother's Day

Maybe (Definitely) Mom just Wants Wine this Mother's Day

Whether you're shopping for your mom, your kids' mom, or just your favorite mom-type-person, Mother’s Day can be daunting. It can be sneaky too! This year the holiday arrives May 14.

If you're scratching your head – how the heck is it May already? – don’t worry! You can treat her with a bouquet of Mother's Day flowers and a bottle of wine that she'll love. We’ve got you covered with six unique wines specifically curated to offer something that — like mom herself — is just a little extra. We've got selections of pink, low-calorie red, and even orange wine, as well as organic bubbles and single-serve bottles. Even better, all are available with quick shipping options.

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1) Best Wine for Toasting Mom



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In Italy Prosecco is known as a "welcome wine." It's given to guests soon after they arrive. Here in the States you can make Mom feel welcome by gifting her this dry bubbly for Mother's Day. Widely know for their bright orange-label, Mionetto's organic varietal is more uncommon.

2) Best Wine for Moms Who Can't Finish a Glass


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LGV wines are sold in sets of four individual-serving bottles. Each is one large pour: perfect for the Mom who doesn't want more than one glass. Their wine is predominantly sourced from small vineyards in France that do not have wide international distribution. The Bandol rosé from Château Val D'Arenc is light and delicious; a favorite among their collection.

3) Best Wine for Moms Who Only Drink Occasionally

Sunny with a Chance of Flowers


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Sunny With a Chance of Flowers is an excellent gift for the Mom who doesn't drink a ton of wine. The label's so darn cute, it will bring style to the kitchen counter while it waits for her to find the perfect reason to crack it open.

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4) Best Wine for Relaxed Moms


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Give mom a bottle of Betelgeuse — a white blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Vermentino — if she likes trying something that goes down easy. With hints of lemongrass and pear, plus limestone and a silky mouthfeel, it's made by one of Napa Valley's few Black-owned and operated vineyards, Brown Estate, which has been operating since 1980.

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5) Best Wine for Moms Who Carry a Designer Bag

Silver Oak certainly has brand recognition. A favorite at fancy steak houses across the country, this wine is not your Tuesday night, crack open the bottle varietal. More of a special occasion splurge, Moms will love the sweet etching. Just keep those fingers crossed she loves you enough to share.

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6) Best Wine for Travel-Enthusiast Moms


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The Greek script and unusual flavor profile make Paleokerisio semi-sparkling orange wine feel as exotic as a trip to a remote Mediterranean island. Gift this to your Mom if she loves foreign travel, but is staying stateside this May.


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