Max Duggan: 10 things to know about the TCU quarterback

Many TCU fans have gotten to know Max Duggan through his exploits on the field.

But who is Duggan when he’s not leading the Horned Frogs offense?

Duggan sat down with the Star-Telegram for an exclusive question and answer session about some of the things that make him tick off the field.

1. What’s your go-to song on your playlist?

“Right now, Big Lyfe by Kevin Gates.”

2. What’s the best hangout spot in Fort Worth?

“Dutch’s is a pretty good hangout spot. Get yourself a good burger and watch the game, it’s around campus so everybody can get to it.”

3. Best BBQ in DFW?

“I’m a big Heim Barbecue guy.”

4. What’s your dream job outside of the NFL?

“Something in the sports industry. I’m a marketing major so maybe working for a network or a team.”

5. What does Max Duggan like to do in his off time?

“During season I don’t do a whole lot. When I get an off day I enjoy golfing.”

6. Favorite TV series?

“Game of Thrones.”

7. Favorite movie?

“Probably Stepbrothers.”

8. Playstation or Xbox?

“I’m a playstation guy.”

9. If money was no object what would you do?

“This is tough. I would probably go all over Europe and visit all the countries with a bunch of people.”

10. You’re going to a deserted island, what are three items you’re bringing?

“A machete, fishing rod and some matches. I’m going prepared.”