Matthew Keezer Talks about Tunisia - For Those Who Enjoy Sightseeing at its Best!

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MONTREAL, July 26, 2021 /CNW/ - Tunisia is an awe-inspiring location for those who are interested in ancient history and breath-taking photogenic architecture and scenery. Tunis, the capital city, is a laid back haven for those who wish to get a taste of Tunisia prior to checking out the rest of the country. You will truly feel that you have "gotten away from it all" when you stroll through the narrow alleyways, that attract tourists from all over the world!

Matthew Keezer Visits Tunisia (CNW Group/Shared Media)
Matthew Keezer Visits Tunisia (CNW Group/Shared Media)

Noted travel expert, Matthew Keezer, points out that the two most popular places to visit are both located outside the center of the city. There, you'll find the Bardo Museum which is famous for its amazing collection of mosaics. In addition, the ruins of ancient Carthage can be found along the shore of a Tunis' suburb.

Had enough history viewing? Then take the time to visit Sidi Bou Said. This is the whitewashed Mediterranean masterpiece which can be found on the outskirts of the city. Enjoy Tunisia's exotic cuisine or just sit back and have a cappuccino while taking in a glorious sunset. The white coloration of the buildings makes for a perfect photo opportunity.

Highlighted Things to Do in Tunis

Matthew Keezer suggests that you check out these things to do, while you're in Tunisia:

  • Visit Medina – This is the heart of Tunisia and the old town is filled with antique buildings where you'll find a staggering number of photo opportunities. Those who wish to shop should head on over to Souk des Chéchias. There, you'll find the makers of the traditional woolen hats that have existed for centuries. Souvenir stalls can be found in the locations between Rue Djemma ez Zitouna and Rue Kasbah.

  • Carthage Ruins – Explore the ancient ruins of Carthage, which was once a wealthy port city of the Phoenicians. The city, itself, was destroyed in the 3rd Punic War of 146 B.C. and offers an incredible atmosphere that makes you feel "lost in the past".

  • The National Bardo Museum – Besides their incredible mosaic collection (one of three renowned collections with the other two residing in Turkey), it also features the Dougga Room, Sousse Room and Odysseus Room. These rooms hold the amazingly preserved mosaic floors that attract tourist from all over the world. The non-mosaic exhibits show displays of the neo-Punic, Islamic and Christian eras. These exhibits can be found on the ground floor.

Now is the time to consider making your plans for your next travel destination. There are an infinite number of things to see and do and Tunis is definitely one the best locations! Matthew Keezer recommends this incredibly beautiful country for those who have always wanted to see the sites that embody the world's exciting history and awe-inspiring vistas. Now is the time to make plans and avoid any future rush of tourism that is sure to come. Matthew Keezer also wants to remind you to follow all local COVID restrictions that you can easily find on local government websites.

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