Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Good Wife Spinoff, Daryl Dixon, Dark Winds, Ahsoka, grown-ish, Echo and More!

Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Good Wife Spinoff, Daryl Dixon, Dark Winds, Ahsoka, grown-ish, Echo and More!
Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Good Wife Spinoff, Daryl Dixon, Dark Winds, Ahsoka, grown-ish, Echo and More!

Will Dark Winds‘ Leaphorn make The Blond Man crack? Is a Marvel series being delayed? Does the new Good Wife spinoff tease cameos? Read on for answers to those questions and many more! (You can and should email brand-new Qs to

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Any scoop on Dark Winds? –KJ
Watching this week’s penultimate Season 2 episode, you’re bound to do a double take upon learning a very surprising fact about Manuelito’s romantic past. (Seriously, there is no preparing for it.) Oh, and there’s also an update on the sergeant’s professional future. Bonus scoop: Watch below an exclusive sneak peek of Leaphorn interrogating The Blond Man…

When is Ezra Bridger coming back to TV? He would be a great Jedi addition to the Star Wars saga. –Jose
Ezra, who on Star Wars Rebels was voiced by Taylor Gray, turns up in the flesh — sorta, meaning as a very meaningful hologram that he once recorded for Sabine — in an early episode of Disney+’s Ahsoka series. But as played by Eman Esfandi, Ezra remains very much missing, so there’s no telling when or if he’ll truly show up in person.

I am in fear and in awe of the Maui wildfires. Has there been any news on shows that film in Hawai’i? Are any crew members that live there in danger? Will the shows that film there be in jeopardy? –Vickie
I hear you — once upon a time, I had an idyllic honeymoon in Maui (and Kauai), so my thoughts have also been with the Lahaina community. I can tell you that none of the three major TV shows that call the 50th state home — NCIS: Hawai’i, Magnum P.I. or Doogie Kameāloha, M.D. — film/filmed on the island of Maui, where Lahaina is situated.

Thanks for update on Reacher Season 2. Do you have info on Mayfair Witches? –Paul
Because of the strikes, production has not yet started on Season 2, which was ordered in February.

Anything on TWD: Daryl Dixon? Are there any mentions of Carol in the first season? –Nikki
Rest assured, those who Norman Reedus’ embattled hero left behind are foremost on his mind in the France-set spinoff (which AMC is debuting on Sunday, Sept. 10, at 9/8c). One of his nearest and dearest is even quoted in the premiere in a way that catches Daryl off guard. Plus, within the first 10 minutes of “L’ame Perdue” — which are now streaming on AMC+ — he and, by extension, we discover a gnarly new walker variant. As for Carol, read into this what you will.

Is 1923 ever going to be broadcast on the regular Paramount Network channel? –William
Sorry, there are no plans at this time for 1923 to follow in 1883‘s footsteps with free, linear airings.

It was previously established on The Good Fight that Alicia Florrick moved to New York and opened a firm. With Elsbeth taking place in New York, is there any chance Julianna Margulies might grace our screens again? –Steven
In light of the pay dispute that impeded Margulies’ return to the Good universe via The Good Fight five years ago, it seems like a long-shot. Interestingly, we are hearing that Matt Czuchry’s Good Wife character, Cary Agos, gets name-dropped — more than once — in the opening episode of CBS’ Carrie Preston-fronted Elsbeth (premiering at midseason). Could the series be laying the groundwork for Cary to pay Preston’s titular alter ego a visit in the Big Apple, now that Czuchy is longer scrubbing in at The Resident? (CBS had no comment.)

Emmys 2023 Snubs Full List
Emmys 2023 Snubs Full List

I recall FX’s The Old Man being renewed for a second season some time ago. Are there still plans to continue the show post-strike? –Tony
Production on Season 2 of The Old Man was underway, then hit pause when the writers’ strike began in May. But everything I am hearing points to Season 2 definitely happening, once the AMPTP offers fair deals to the writers and actors.

I just finished watching Season 1 of Reservation Dogs on FX. Do you know if FX will be airing season 2 as well? –Bernadette
Welcome to the rez! There are no plans at this time for Season 2 to get an FX showcase, but TVLine will for sure spread the word if that changes.

Any scoop on Aaron and Zoey in grown-ish‘s final season? –Adriana
For one, Aaron may be putting all of his eggs in the wrong basket with Dr. Edie (played by Kelly Rowland). As for Aaron and Zoey, while they still have a lot of growing to do on their own, they still have a lot of love for one another — and their paths will cross again. (Reminder: The summer finale airs this Wednesday.)

I’ve already watched Almost Paradise Season 1 and 2, and love this show!  What do you know about a Season 3 being in the works, and projected airing? –Gloria
There is nothing yet to report on a Season 3 renewal for the Christian Kane-led WGN America-turned-Freevee adventure series.

Superman And Lois Cancer Diagnosis Explained
Superman And Lois Cancer Diagnosis Explained

Will the fourth season of Superman & Lois be the last? –Gabriel
Not necessarily. As CW president Brad Schwartz recently told THR’s TV’s Top 5 podcast about returning favorites Superman & Lois, Walker and the All Americans, “We’ve gotten those shows to a place where, why couldn’t they continue if they’re profitable?…. If they’re profitable and successful, and some of our highest-rated shows, why wouldn’t they [continue]?” So, watch SuperLois when it returns, people!

I read somewhere that Echo is no longer coming out this year. Can you confirm? –Dale
There was rampant, Don’t-Bother-to-Pick-Up-a-Phone speculation about the Hawkeye offshoot’s fate when it was not included among “Key Upcoming Disney+ Releases” on an earnings call chart that was, mind you, clearly labeled “not exhaustive” — but I am told that its Nov. 29, binge-style drop date remains unchanged as of press time.

What’s up with the Killing Eve/Carolyn spinoff? And All Stars with Reese Witherspoon? –Sam
There are no updates on the prospective Killing Eve offshoot (which entered early development back in April 2022), while it’s safe to assume that Reese’s cheerleader comedy will forge ahead with production once the Hollywood strikes end.

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