Matt Gaetz’s Tweet About Defunding FBI Lasted Less Than A Minute Online

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Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) tweeted about defunding the FBI on Wednesday, then appeared to think better of it.

The Florida Republican deleted a post about the agency investigating him on possible sex trafficking charges less than a minute after it went online.

“If Democrats want to defund the police, they should start with the FBI,” wrote Gaetz, reported ProPublica.

Explaining the deletion of the post, a spokesperson for Gaetz told Vice News he “felt it appropriate to remove a jocular tweet taken from a speech some time ago.”

Gaetz, who is considering a presidential bid in 2024 if ex-President Donald Trump is not in the running, is under investigation in a federal sex trafficking probe for reportedly paying a teenager to cross state lines for sex.

He denies doing anything wrong and claims the investigation is part of an extortion plot against him.

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