Matt Damon’s wife, 47, slays in a bikini in Miami Beach - where the two first met

Image Press Agency/Image Press Agency/Sipa USA

Back to where it all began!

Matt Damon and his wife Luciana “Lucy” Barroso, slaying in a blue bikini, were pap snapped taking a dip on Monday in Miami Beach, two decades after they first met there.

As the story famously goes, Damon was in town shooting the Farrelly Brothers 2003 comedy “Stuck on You” and went out with some cast members to the now shuttered crobar nightclub on Washington Avenue in SoBe. And yes, the “c” was lower case, as in cool.

Barroso, then a single mom of a 4-year-old daughter Alexia, happened to be working as a bartender at the hot spot that is now Cameo. The two hit it off immediately, she told Vogue Australia in 2018.

“We definitely had a connection right away; it was so easy to talk to each other,” said the 47 year old. “We were very comfortable.”

The fact that Barroso had a kid didn’t faze the Oscar winner.

“He said, ‘I love that you’re a mom and that’s your priority,’” she told the outlet. “Some guys might have been different, they might think it’s complicated, but for him it wasn’t.”

The longtime Hollywood couple went on to have three more daughters, Isabella, 16, Gia, 14, and Stella, 12.

“It was very different, it’s true,” Damon, 52, told Parade of being an instant stepdad when they wed in 2005. “I can’t imagine my life having not gone down that road. I can’t imagine what my life would be now. I don’t want to imagine it.”