Matt Barnes knocked around by Derek Fisher

This is not the Matt Barnes you were looking for (AP Photo).

Matt Barnes couldn’t hold off Derek Fisher any longer.

After working a 1-1 count in the seventh inning, the Red Sox reliever hung a curveball to the Astros outfielder who dropped it softly into left field. And though the game was long decided — Houston won 12-2 — it was a moment sports fans celebrated like a walk-off grand slam.

Let us explain: back in 2015 then-Knicks coach, and former NBA player, Derek Fisher was dating the estranged wife of NBA player Matt Barnes. When Barnes found out about this he reportedly drove 95 miles to confront the couple where an altercation broke out.

The incident immediately became pop culture lore, even working its way into Kanye West’s song “30 Hours”. So you can imagine how Sports Twitter would light up at seeing baseball’s Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher face each other.

This is peak garbage time baseball. And it’s perfect timing with NBA season gearing up — which, by the way, our friends over at Ball Don’t Lie and The Vertical do an incredible job covering.

The Red Sox and Astros will likely have to face each other this postseason. If they do, we sincerely hope Matt Barnes gets another chance at punching Fisher out.

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