Here’s How Masters’ Union Is Raising The Bar in B-School Education

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As the industry keeps evolving, so does the need to constantly move with the times when it comes to management education. This is where Masters’ Union Business School shines. Its inaugural cohort of 65 students found placements in over 40 top firms, such as McKinsey, BCG, Tata IQ, PWC, EY and KPMG, putting them in the same league as the country’s top B-Schools.

What’s really interesting is that this B-School is barely a year old. Arun Malhotra, Chairman, Board of Academics at Masters’ Union says - “it’s an infant institution.”

So how did this ‘infant’ crack the code of providing top firms with the right kind of candidates in its very first year?

The secret sauce at Masters’ Union is to get top industry leaders involved in designing the curriculum and then imparting it, and not simply teaching subjects from books. For example, when teaching Finance or Investment, students are actually given a fund and asked to manage it.

Another major part of the program is to pair each student with an actual industry leader like an MD, CXO or CEO of a top firm, and hosting regular one on one learning and guidance sessions with them. This helps students understand the companies better, and also what is expected of them. In a way, the person teaching the students is the person who wants to hire them. This vastly reduces the gap between academia and the industry. Imagine being taught a class by someone in the leadership team from BCG, and then getting hired by the same person.

To know more about how Masters’ Union is revolutionizing B-School education, watch the video above.

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