‘The Masked Singer': Why Nick Cannon Knew Fortune Teller’s Identity Right Away

(Warning: This post contains spoilers for “The Masked Singer” Season 8.)

After a heartwarming Battle Royale that paid tribute to former “Masked Singer” contestant Bob Saget, Fortune Teller ultimately was sent home on Wednesday night and Harp prevailed as the Queen of the competition for the third week in a row.

So, who was behind the mask? Turns out, it was “Shark Tank” star Daymond John. While the investor had the judges stumped for a minute, he couldn’t fool host Nick Cannon, who pointed out that he’d known John since he was a kid actor and knew him by “the way he walked.”

“I know my wife tells me I got bad posture, but goddamn!” John laughed when chatting about the moment with TheWrap, adding that taking the stage with Cannon felt like a full circle moment. “This was a kid who you knew was gonna be unstoppable, and it is really great as a person witnessing his longevity to see him still here and growing.”

Cannon wasn’t the only one who ultimately recognized John’s identity. Judge Ken Jeong also managed to guess correctly (after everyone else threw out a slew of wrong guesses like Ray J, P Diddy, and Steve Harvey) which John said came as a shock.

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“The wrong guesses were surprising, but the right guess shocked me,” he said. “Then [Jeong] reminded me that he did film ‘Shark Tank’ probably about five years ago, and I do remember the conversation we had. Now I recall that he was very, very in tune with my history. Culturally, he really understood a lot of things. It didn’t sink in, but obviously he retained way more of our time together than I had.”

In fact, his stint on the wacky competition series prompted a ton of self reflection, John added. It was TV Theme Night on Wednesday, and John chose to perform “Movin’ On Up,” the theme song to “The Jeffersons” — another moment that, looking back, had a deeper meaning than he even realized.

“I reflected on it later on. It was actually something from my childhood that probably influenced the direction of who I am or who I wanted to be growing up as a child,” he said. “So it is very, very fitting. And I didn’t realize that at the moment, but it was extremely fitting for me.”

After 13 seasons of “Shark Tank,” John has certainly put a number of people in the hot seat. Turning the tables on himself was a welcome moment of vulnerability, he said.

“I love to do things that are a little vulnerable and make me uncomfortable because I think that’s the mentality of entrepreneurship,” John explained. “You’re gonna try things. You’re gonna be uncomfortable. You’re gonna get outside the space that you know, and you never know what happens.”

“The Masked Singer” airs at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

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