Mashed Survey Uncovers The International Oreo Flavor Fans Wish Was In The US

Stacks of vanilla and chocolate Oreos
Stacks of vanilla and chocolate Oreos - Sommail/Getty Images

Few store-bought desserts are as classic as an Oreo cookie. Besides the quintessential chocolate cookie with vanilla creme, the famous dessert sandwich has also spawned plenty of other Oreo flavors, from seasonal options to fruity choices. If you've got a hankering for an Oreo with a twist, there are more than a few possibilities at your disposal. Even so, there are some Oreo flavors that aren't sold in the U.S.

In a YouTube poll posted on October 27, Mashed asked fans which non-U.S. Oreo flavor they would most like to see in American stores. Over 20,000 Oreo fans voted on the special cookie they'd most like to try, and the results are in. Folks have a clear preference for one flavor, and while no one knows if it will ever appear in the U.S., everyone is seemingly crossing their fingers.

Out of the five cookie flavors named in the poll, a whopping 44% of voters want to get their hands on the Crunchy Brownie flavor. These cookies were only available in Japan for a limited time, and they aren't currently available anywhere. That said, these thin, crispy cookies with chocolate creme are definitely still intriguing, and plenty of Oreo fans would love to give them a try.

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How Other Oreo Flavors Ranked

Packages of Oreos on shelves
Packages of Oreos on shelves - Richard Levine/Getty Images

Scoring 44% against four other options is a pretty impressive win for Crunchy Brownie Oreos; still, not every voter thought they were the best choice. One commenter said, "The crunchy brownie flavor is enticing but we've got enough chocolate flavors. Another fruity flavor would be refreshing..." They were on the right track; the second-place winner was Strawberry with 30%. Seeing such enthusiasm for fruit-flavored Oreos is interesting, given that there's only one fruit flavor currently listed on the brand's website: lemon.

Two unique flavors tied for third place; Peach Oolong and Sakura Matcha Oreos each raked in 10% of the votes. Both of these flavors hit China's shelves in 2020 but have yet to make their way to the States. As for last place, that title goes to Chestnut Oreos; only 6% of voters went for this flavor, but one commenter said, "This poll shows you never had brown butter fried chestnuts." While they may have been the least popular option in the poll, Chestnut Oreos could perhaps succeed in the U.S. as a seasonal holiday flavor. Plenty of folks in the comments suggested other ideas or mentioned flavors U.S. Oreo fans do have that they love. Ultimately, though, as one fan wisely commented, "Nothing beats the original."

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