Marvel's Florence Pugh responds to allegations she's faking being British

florence pugh
Florence Pugh responds to fake British claimsNBC

Marvel star Florence Pugh has responded to bizarre allegations that she's faking being British.

The actress, who we can assure you is very much British, has been subjected to the claims after playing a number of American roles over the past few years.

Appearing on the Off Menu podcast, the topic of doing accents was brought up, with co-presenter James Acaster admitting he thought she was American initially.

florence pugh
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"So many people think I'm American," Pugh said. "Then sometimes when I do things publicly, like if I present an award or I'm on a stage talking, they're like, 'That is the fakest English accent I have ever heard.'

"What do you think I... how... what? How do I sound better? Sometimes when I've done Instagram Stories, [they're] like, 'Oh my god, Florence Pugh sounds like she's doing an accent,' and I'm like no, that is me. That's literally me. So sorry."

Speaking more generally on doing accents for her projects, Pugh said: "Well, I can do northern quite easily. My gran is from Grimsby so I grew up taking the piss out of my grandad."

florence pugh

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The actress most recently starred in A Good Person, where she plays an American character, and in more recent years has taken on US projects such as Don't Worry Darling and Little Women.

Speaking recently to Digital Spy, Pugh spoke about her career going forward, saying she would "definitely" be keen to keep mixing smaller indie parts with bigger blockbusters roles in the MCU and Dune 2.

"I think when I signed on to do Marvel, I was really kind of saddened by the fact that the indie movie world were like, 'Great, now she's gone, she's never going to come back'," she said.

florence pugh
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"I was always a bit miffed about that because I've never seen myself as a one-trick pony. I don't want to do the same thing over and over again.

"The reason why I came into this industry was by small indie films and I appreciated the craft and I learnt the craft from them, and then I get to work with massive crews and massive directors and massive films that gone for months," she continued.

"They both have completely different crafts that do, and try to do, the same thing which is just to affect at least one person. I love the difference between the two, so I'm always trying to make time and squeeze in the little weird ones as well because they're important."

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