Marvel Studio To Keep Kang Character in MCU Despite Firing Jonathan Majors

Following the news of Jonathan Majors' at Marvel Studios, new reports from those close to the subject said that the Kang the Conqueror will still remain a character in the MCU.

CBR has reported that the studio is currently in replacement talks, but MCU fans should not expect the news of who will take over the role of the supervillan to come so soon. As per Deadline's Justin Kroll, who posted to X, Marvel Studios is not dropping the character, but insists that they will take their time on finding the replacement. He wrote, "See a lot 'who will play Kang next' and 'here is a top contender for Kang' comments this week, and all I’ll say is this, don’t expect that news anytime soon. There will be plenty of Marvel breaks in coming weeks on various fronts but don’t hold your breath on that one."

At the moment, Kroll has also pointed out that he has not heard of any rumors just yet and does not know who the front runner for the character is, "This isn’t dismissing any rumor this week about potential contenders for the role, I don’t have any intel on those being true or not true it’s just letting you know if I were betting what gets announced first, Kang or the field, I'd put money on the field." Colman Domingo has been speculated to take over, but nothing has been confirmed just yet. Stay tuned.