Martine Rose Becomes Clarks' First-Ever Guest Creative Director

Martine Rose has been named as Clarks' first-ever guest creative director.

"Clarks is something that's so intrinsic to British culture and obviously Jamaican culture because it’s huge in Jamaica because of the Commonwealth. There's a couple of British brands that are really big in Jamaica because Britishness is a sign of quality and you take it out of context it takes on a life of its own, like a myth," Rose told WWD.

So far, Rose has designed three pairs of shoes for Clarks, which are slated to debut during London Men’s Fashion Week in June.

Besides design, Rose has focused on taking comfort to the next level "by creating shoes that look and feel like pillows by adding extra padding to the insoles and using feather downs in shoes, which the Clarks company hadn’t ever worked on before."

She added, "There has to be something familiar about it so you can get the riff. We’ve actually tried to keep it more classic, so it's very simple, there’s a black, oxblood and snakeskin."

Rose's designs will make their debut at London Men's Fashion Week next month; the shoes will then go on sale in March 2023. Stay tuned for more updates.