Martha Stewart made a baked apple and flan for her fellow inmates while they were all in jail, says a woman who served time with the celeb

Martha Stewart made a baked apple and flan for her fellow inmates while they were all in jail, says a woman who served time with the celeb
Martha Stewart attends the 2023 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue release party at Hard Rock Hotel New York on May 18, 2023 in New York City.
Martha Stewart's former fellow inmate says she baked desserts for them while in prison.Noam Galai/Getty Images for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit
  • One of Martha Stewart's former fellow inmates says the celeb baked desserts for them in prison.

  • People obtained an exclusive clip from a new CNN miniseries called "The Many Lives of Martha Stewart."

  • Stewart served a five-month sentence in prison in 2004.

A couple of months behind bars didn't stop Martha Stewart from partaking in one of her favorite hobbies.

People obtained an exclusive clip from a new CNN miniseries, "The Many Lives of Martha Stewart," in which several people recounted what it was like being in prison with Stewart.

In 2004, Stewart was found guilty on charges including conspiracy, making false statements, and obstruction of justice related to the sale of stocks. She served five months in Federal Prison Camp Alderson in West Virginia and another two years of supervised release.

In the CNN series, Meg Phipps, who was incarcerated at the same time and in the same prison as Stewart, said she once received a sweet treat from the star.

"I received a note from Martha. She suggested that we meet," Phipps said in the clip. "She also sent that note with a baked apple."

She said the baked apple "had caramel on it and probably some cinnamon," and that Stewart had found a way to cook in her room using the microwave.

"I suspect some of this may have come from the cafeteria, which we're not supposed to do," Phipps said of the ingredients in the treat, per the clip.

Phipps also said in the miniseries that everyone held a potluck to celebrate Stewart's release on the day she left prison, per People.

"We brought different dishes, but Martha did bring a caramel flan, and I don't know how she made it," Phipps said, per People. "It's a big part about what made prison tolerable is that fellowship of cooking and celebrating someone going home. She thanked people for making her time there go as well as it did."

The first two episodes of the four-part series premiered on January 28 on CNN. The last two episodes are slated to be released on February 4.

In June 2016, Stewart said at the Cannes Lion Festival that she spent her time in prison "making jam out of the crab apples on the trees" and attending ceramics classes.

She was even able to send the ceramics home, she said: "I had to beg and borrow bubble wrap and boxes and things. I sent it all home and it arrived."

In October, Snoop Dogg told BI that Stewart learned a fried chicken recipe — now one of his favorites — while she was behind bars.

"She told me that one of the homegirls gave her some sort of recipe that when she got out she used, and it was effective, and it was dope," the rapper said. "You meet some talented people behind the wall, you gotta know that."

A representative for Stewart did not immediately respond to a request for comment from BI sent outside regular business hours.

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