Martha Stewart Expands CBD Line with Flavors 'Plucked Straight from My Own Orchards' (Exclusive)

Martha Stewart shares the inspiration behind her expanded CBD line — and whether Snoop Dogg is a fan — in this exclusive Q&A

<p>Marquee Brands</p> Martha Stewart

Marquee Brands

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart is expanding her already robust line of CBD-infused gummies.

“The original gummies were inspired by a trip to Paris where I first tasted pâte de fruits, a French confection that is as delicious as it is beautiful,” Stewart, 82, tells PEOPLE exclusively about her ultra-soft, sugar-dusted signature CBD gummies.

“I was an early adopter of CBD and have become an advocate because I’ve experienced first-hand the benefits of adding it to my health and wellness routine,” she explains.

But, she says, “So many CBD gummies I’ve sampled have been disappointing because of the tough, chewy texture and unpleasant aftertaste, so I wanted to elevate this category by making CBD a more accessible and pleasurable experience.”

<p>Marquee Brands</p> Martha Stewart enjoys a gummy from her newly expanded line of CBD products.

Marquee Brands

Martha Stewart enjoys a gummy from her newly expanded line of CBD products.

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Stewart has created three new gummy-like products: Sleep, Chill (each with 25 mg CBD), and Extra Strength (with 30 mg CBD), which she tells PEOPLE were chosen to “target those most common needs — such as better sleep and stress relief — with a higher dose of CBD.”

Below, the details behind her expanded line:

How did you pick the flavors for the new products?
"For these gummies, we combined sophisticated, artisanal flavors that I have long enjoyed as staples in my recipes, often plucked straight from my own orchards and kitchen garden.

"The new line features a blend of ingredients, such as the citrus-forward concoction of tangerine, yuzu, and pomelo found in the Chill gummies, so that they feel like a decadent treat that just happens to have therapeutic effects."

<p>Martha Stewart CBD</p> Martha Stewart is expanding her CBD line.

Martha Stewart CBD

Martha Stewart is expanding her CBD line.

Which of the new products are your favorites and why?
"Like many people, I choose CBD products based on my needs at the time, which was the inspiration behind the new co-actives line.

"At this time of the year, my work, travel, and entertaining schedules get very hectic. I’m on the go from Thanksgiving until the New Year, so quality sleep is an absolute must. The Martha Stewart CBD Sleep gummies contain 25 mg of CBD plus 3 mg of melatonin, so I take those at night to make sure I’m well-rested.

"The Chill gummies contain 25 mg [of CBD] and 50 mg of calming l-theanine, so they’re nice to take during the day when you’re tending to an overwhelming to-do list. The Extra Strength gummies have 30 mg of CBD — our highest dose — and are meant to act fast to manage common aches and pains such as a headache or a sore back."

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<p>Marquee Brands</p> Martha Stewart

Marquee Brands

Martha Stewart

What do you think is the biggest misconception about CBD and CBD products?
"The biggest misconception I hear is that CBD is a fad, or a trend, that won’t last. After launching our first Martha Stewart CBD products in 2020, we’ve seen quite the opposite. Many people have begun to incorporate CBD products into their daily wellness rituals, just as they would a morning vitamin or a cup of tea at bedtime.

"I think people also sometimes assume their CBD product isn’t working if they don’t feel a strong and instantaneous wave of calm or relief. For me, it’s more about achieving the absence of stress, anxiety, or physical discomfort. Just as we used to say, 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away,' I believe incorporating CBD into your everyday life can help prevent those ups and downs and help you feel more even-keeled."

Does Snoop Dogg use any of your products?
“I’ve shared a variety of items from my CBD line with Snoop, and he’s enjoyed them in the recording studio. Snoop actually helped to inspire the creation of the line!”

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