Martha Stewart Addressed a Viral Tweet Implying She Could Be Pete Davidson's Next Girlfriend

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Ever since Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson broke up last week, everyone has been speculating who will become the comedian's next girlfriend. Predictions have ranged from newly-single Emily Ratajkowski to Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Coolidge, and Julia Fox. Even 81-year-old Martha Stewart has become a potential option.

Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart


It all started when a tweet of a photo of Stewart holding Davidson's hand as she posed with him and Kardashian at the White House Correspondents' Dinner earlier this year began to make the rounds on the internet. "We should've seen this coming," a user jokingly captioned the viral meme.

Laughing off the theory, Stewart told the Daily Mail that their relationship is strictly platonic. "Pete Davidson is like the son I never had," she explained, adding, "He is a charming boy who is finding his way. I've invited him to come on my podcast and I look forward to hearing what he has to say."

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Back in May, Martha gave her take on Davidson and Kardashian's odd romance. While speaking to E! News, the tastemaker admitted that the couple was more of an unlikely pairing "than my steak tartare and Ruffles potato chips" — however, she was ultimately Team Kete. "They're cute together," she said. "They seem to have a nice affection for one another, which is so nice."