Marouane Fellaini pokes fun at himself by posting picture of ball smashing his face vs. Real Madrid


Marouane Fellaini proved the power of self deprecation on Tuesday. (Getty)

In today’s day and age it’s really important to be able to make fun of yourself.

On Tuesday, Manchester United midfielder Marouane Fellaini did exactly that by posting a picture on his Twitter account of a ball hitting his face during United’s 2-1 UEFA Super Cup loss to Real Madrid. The impact of the ball resulted in the 29-year-old’s facial features being hilariously, momentarily altered. Of course, the picture has been making the rounds all over social media.

Hats off to the Belgium native, though, for not taking the ribbing too seriously. He even went out of his way to thank all of his fans who sent him and posted the picture.

Well played Fellaini, well played.