Markieff Morris escalates Wizards feud with 'little midget' J.J. Barea: 'Man, f--- J.J. Barea'

Of all the petty feuds involving grown men playing in the NBA, John Wall’s and J.J. Barea’s may be the pettiest. At least now that Isaiah Thomas and Paul Pierce seemed to have settled their beef on battling Celtics honors, that is.

Sure, Kevin Durant sniping at Clint Capela about knowing his role as, well, a role player is good stuff. And everything happening in Cleveland is hugely entertaining.

But John Wall straight up called J.J. Barea “a little midget.” And as far as petty goes, that’s tough to top. As my Yahoo Sports colleague Ben Rohrbach noted, “the M word” is frowned upon by the Little People of America as a derogatory term.

The insult stems from this on-court altercation on Monday between 6-foot 4 inch Wall and Barea, who stands at 6 feet tall according to the Dallas Mavericks.

Barea responded to Wall’s insult thusly:

Barea’s retort is evidently in reference to this Washington Wizards player-only meeting that the Washington Post reported “didn’t go well.”

“We had our team meeting,” Wall said Friday. “A couple guys took it the negative way and it hurt our team. Instead of taking it in a positive way like we did in the past and using it to build our team up, it kind of set us back a little bit.”

Markieff Morris chimed in Wednesday with his own nuanced take on the simmering Wizards-J.J. Barea beef. (Getty)

Fast forward to Wednesday, where finding a common enemy in Barea has evidently had some sort of uniting impact on the Wizards. Or, maybe it just ticked off Markieff Morris. Either way, here’s what he had to say about the Mavericks’ point guard, per Post reporter Candace Buckner.

In addition to  Morris’, ahem, poignant stance on a united Wizards front, Barea’s comments prompted the following retort from Wall and an apparent mea culpa that maybe he should choose his words more wisely.

So there is your latest update on “As the NBA Turns.” We’re staying tuned for the next episode, popcorn in hand.