Markham academy-produced original fantasy dance drama returns to stage

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“My Mulan,” created, produced and performed by Markham-based dance school Lindance, is back in theatre this weekend.

As North America’s first Mulan-themed fantasy dance drama, the show is aimed at empowering the minds and spirits of all that witness it by weaving the past and the present, merging the hearts of two young women and connecting eastern and western cultures.

“It tells the story of a modern-day girl, Michelle, finding inner resilience, kindness, love and courage from the legendary character of Mulan as she ventures out into the world,” said Lin Li, director of “My Mulan.”

Li is also the founder and principal of Lindance, founded in September 2013, with a mission to promote Chinese dance and provide a platform for communication between the East and West through dance.

“At Lindance, we emphasize creation,” Li said. She has choreographed many dances including “Fly Away Home,” “Panda’s Paradise,” “Flying Apsaras” and “Odes to Life.” All of these dances have been great successes in performance and have won multiple prizes.

“My Mulan” is an original dance drama as well, she added. It premiered Aug. 24, 2019 at the Ho Bozhao Theatre in Toronto and has successfully run for a total of six full-house rounds.

Li believes that the success of the show stems from it recalling the famous Chinese heroine’s story from thousands of years ago while presenting the positive effects this female role model can have on everyone at present: no matter how challenging life may be, it is up to you how you face it. “Mulan sprit is not exclusively Chinese; it belongs to Canada and the greater world.”

The “My Mulan Fantasy Dance Drama” 2022 performance will be staged at Chinese Cultural Centre Of Greater Toronto on Aug. 12 and 13, more information is available at:

Scarlett Liu, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Economist & Sun