MARKET Drops YZY SHDZ Knockoffs

Shortly after Ye's supposedly $20 USD YR 3022 YZYGAP SHDZ, MARKET has unveiled a new accessory that appears to be extremely similar to the buzzy sunglasses by the rapper.

Dubbed D.I.Y. YEEZY RW SUNGLASSES KIT, the set comes with materials that can make three pairs of glasses. Described to be "100% completely original and super innovative," the product comes in a cardboard box and an instruction manual, which teaches wearers to assemble a pair of shades that feature a flexible reflective film, foam nose pads and bungee cord straps. The brand additionally notes that the eyewear is not designed to replace actual sunglasses. "YOU’VE PROBABLY NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THESE! SOOOO CRAZY IDK HOW WE EVEN CAME UP WITH THIS DESIGN SOLELY ON OUR OWN!" reads the caption on Instagram.

It appears that the product has been taken down from the MARKET website, but it was initially posted online for $60 USD for a kit. Take a look at the product down below.