Mark Wahlberg Goes Shirtless in Grueling 4 AM Workout Video

The 'Ted' actor, 52, regularly shares Instagram clips of his intense early morning workouts

<p>Mark Wahlberg/Instagram</p>

Mark Wahlberg/Instagram

It's no secret that Mark Wahlberg goes all out when it comes to keeping fit.

On Thursday, the Family Plan actor, 52, shared another glimpse of one of his very early morning 4 a.m. workout sessions on Instagram.

Wahlberg hit the gym shirtless in the clip, with his trainer urging him to keep going and explaining the muscles he was working on as the video showed the actor taking on different exercises.

Included in the workout were some "reverse fly" reps using a resistance band machine, which Wahlberg's trainer described as "great shoulder stability work," a series of "double-handed tricep pushdown" reps and a tough-looking exercise with an ab roller wheel. The actor's trainer called the latter "one of the toughest exercises" but that Wahlberg made it "look easy" as he went on to explain that it worked the "abs, the lats, the triceps [and] thighs."

"4 am club with Doc @municipal 🔥😎🥳💯📈" the actor wrote alongside the video, giving a shoutout to his athleisure clothing company.

<p>Mark Wahlberg/Instagram</p> Mark Wahlberg posts a video of his 4 a.m. workout on Instagram Thursday

Mark Wahlberg/Instagram

Mark Wahlberg posts a video of his 4 a.m. workout on Instagram Thursday

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Despite always seeming eager to go when it comes to his workouts, Wahlberg recently told PEOPLE there are times he doesn't want to hit the gym.

“I feel it more often than you think,” he told PEOPLE last month when asked if he ever felt like not exercising.

However, the star said that remaining fit and intentionally taking on tough challenges is important to his lifestyle.

“I don't want to miss something because if, God forbid, I kind of cut corners, don’t show up, don't put the work in and I don't get the results that I want, I know why. I don't want to live with that regret,” he said, adding, "I always feel better after and I just go and get it in.”

“I start out sluggish and the next thing you know I've ramped it up to a 12 and I got the best workout that I've had in a long time," Wahlberg continued, explaining that his achievements in the gym are a result of the strong work ethic he possesses.

"But the hard work that I've put in has always been a reason why I have success,” he added, “so I attribute to that and my faith and the amount of effort that I've put into everything. So why would I do anything different?”

<p>Mark Wahlberg/Instagram</p> Mark Whalberg posts a video of a grueling early morning workout on his Instagram Thursday

Mark Wahlberg/Instagram

Mark Whalberg posts a video of a grueling early morning workout on his Instagram Thursday

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Wahlberg told PEOPLE he typically starts his day by sitting in a 35-degree tub of water and ice, known as a cold plunge, which usually leaves him in the right mood for a workout.

“I'm like, ‘Okay, I'm awake, I'm alive.’ We're a go right after that,” Wahlberg said. “So I just go and I do the work.”

Earlier this week, the Me Time actor did just that in an Instagram video. "Time to fire up the day," he said in the clip while getting into an ice bath.

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