Mark Hamill Debuts Hilarious List Of Donald Trump’s ‘Best Words’

“Star Wars” icon Mark Hamill has been paying attention to former President Donald Trump’s creative attempts at spelling.

“His made up words are fun,” Hamill wrote on X (formerly Twitter) on Wednesday, “but his more-than plentiful misspellings absolutely RULE!”

He included a screenshot of a recent Trump post on Truth Social, which included the non-words “DISINFORMATES” and “MISINFORMATES.”

Here’s some of Hamill’s list:

  • “Stollen” for stolen

  • “Honered” for honored

  • “Unpresidented” for unprecedented

  • “Smocking” for smoking

  • “Sole” for soul

  • “Frorida” for Florida

  • “Melanie” for Melania

  • “Capital Hill” for Capitol Hill

  • “Infair” for unfair

  • “Shoebiz” for showbiz

  • “Marine Core” for Marine Corps

  • “Boarder” for border

  • “Loose” for lose

  • “Leightweight” for lightweight

  • “Grest” for great

  • “Hearby” for hereby

He closed out the list with the “always memorable” Trump word for hamburgers: “hamberders.”

“This is merely a partial list, but undoubtedly, we can all look forward to the frequent & numerous misspellings sure to come!” the actor wrote, signing off with the hashtag “TheBestWords.”

During Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, he famously boasted, “I’m very highly educated. I know words, I have the best words.”

Hamill’s not the only one with a running list. Over the years, “The Daily Show” has aired severalroundups of Trump’s “best words” from speaking engagements, which include “stankchuary” and “dersault.”