March’s New Moon in Aries Is About Knowing What You Want and Going After It

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Bold action can deliver a major win.



The glittery ball in Times Square might drop at the stroke of midnight on January 1, but as far as astrology is concerned, a new year begins on March 20, the spring equinox and the first day of the Aries season. Aries is the first of the 12 zodiac signs and fitting for the “baby” of the zodiac. It’s a sign known for its impulsivity, child-like innocence, and excitability. And just one day after we kick off a whole new astrological cycle, a new moon presents a chance to dive boldly into uncharted terrain.

On Tuesday, March 21 at 10:23 a.m. PT/1:23 p.m. ET, this go-getter, fearless lunar event falls in Aries, the cardinal fire sign ruled by action-oriented Mars, which oversees energy, action, aggression, and sex. As a result, this lunar event is pretty much as bold and take-charge as it can get. It sets the stage to dive into a whole new chapter fueled entirely by adrenaline.

But thanks to a harmonious angle that the full moon will form to Mercury, the planet of communication, it’s possible to take a step back, research, and talk through that wild dream you’re passionate about making a reality.

The new moon in Aries sets the stage for a fresh start.

New moons — which happen when the confident sun pairs up with the intuitive moon — always present a monthly opportunity to get clear on what you want to achieve over the course of the next two weeks (up until the next full moon) and next six months (when the corresponding full moon occurs). And this particular new moon is like an astrological starting line of a race, given how much Aries — informed by its ruler, fired-up Mars — exudes enthusiastic, pumped-up, competitive, and raring-to-go energy. And because this new moon occurs just a day after Aries season begins, it rolls out the red carpet for any new beginning you want to pursue this spring — or, if you’re feeling extra ambitious, the next six months or even year.

It bears noting that Aries is associated with the first house of self, so this moment was made for knowing what you want and boldly pursuing it. This can be an exciting opportunity to get in touch with your passions, aspirations, and sense of self — all of which you might be more apt to go to bat for now.

The moon links up with messenger Mercury to elevate communication.

The sun and the new moon cozy up to Mercury in Aries, strengthening confidence in communication. You’ll be more apt to describe your ambitions, research game plans and strategies, and verbally defend everything you’re psyched to get after. And even if you tend to be the type to tiptoe around exactly what you want to say, this planetary link-up will inspire more direct, to-the-point, no-nonsense communication.

Aries would prefer to scrap chitchat and just get on with moving the ball forward. So, it's best to ensure our conversations, presentations, proposals, and interactions cut to the chase.

The moon squares off against Mars, which could make for rash decision-making.

Mars isn’t only the star of this show because it rules the new moon in Aries. The planet of anger, aggression, and action will also form a tense but also potentially activating angle to the moon. Take heart that this clash isn’t as intense as it could be, but it may still nudge you to make a crucial move before you’ve thought it through. Your riskiness could pave the way for rewards — or result in a slip-up.

Even if you follow your gut and it doesn’t play out as you had hoped, this month is full of game-changing astrology (like two major planets moving into new signs, causing long-term shake-ups), and we’re all being challenged to think — and act — on our feet. That said, when in doubt, embrace Aries’ playfulness, drive, and ability to trust that the moment in which you leap without looking may be the very one in which you end up on top.

Here is how this Aries new moon will affect you, based on your sign. (Pro-tip: Be sure to read both your sun and your rising sign if you know it. If you don't, you can find it on your natal chart or via this CafeAstrology calculator.)


This new moon in your sign has you eager to create momentum on a goal that’s close to your heart. Thanks to its link-up with Mercury, you can express your desires even more clearly — and passionately — now.


This new moon hits your twelfth house of spirituality, making a more restful, restorative moment. Think of what you want to achieve behind the scenes before stepping onstage during your own season.


The new moon in your eleventh house of networking is an opportunity to align yourself with a community of people who are on the same page and fired up about achieving exactly what you’ve been dreaming of. And because your ruler, Mercury, is in a powerful position, you’ll be even more apt to initiate a brainstorm or land on a winning idea.


The new moon falls in your tenth house of career, nudging you to step into a leadership position. Just be sure that before making any major moves, you think through your strategy for running the show.


The new moon falls in your ninth house of adventure, kicking off a new era of personal growth. Getting out of your comfort zone, perhaps by traveling or picking up new skills, pays off.


The new moon in your eighth house of intimacy can lay the groundwork for a different vibe in your closest relationship. You could be ready to be even more vocal and assertive about what you want emotionally, physically, and even spiritually.


This new moon falls in your seventh house of partnership, so you’ll be trying to strike a balance between standing in your sense of self and compromising with a dear friend, loved one, or S.O. Lean on Mercury’s alignment with the moon to talk it through.


With the new moon in your sixth house of wellness, you have the green light to start healthy new habits and routines. Consider researching a workout you’ve been curious about or overhauling your closet to get more organized.


Falling in your fifth house of romance and self-expression, your creativity and appetite for magic in your love life soars now. You’ll benefit from prioritizing spontaneity and trusting your artistic impulses.


The new moon falls in your fourth house of home life, kicking off a heartfelt time with loved ones. If you’ve been itching to redecorate your space or even move, now’s your chance to go for it.


With the new moon in your third house of communication, you’re more curious, eager to learn, and willing to connect with your social circle than usual. Prioritizing a new experience with friends could set you down an exciting new path.


With the new moon in your second house of income, you can manifest new money-making opportunities by clarifying your vision and then taking self-assured steps in the right direction. 

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