The Maple Leafs rose to the occasion and still lost

On the brink of the second round, the Maple Leafs performed at a high level against the Tampa Bay Lightning in Game 6 but still lost in overtime, sending the series back to Toronto for the decider on Saturday.

Video Transcript

OMAR: This one stung. This one really stung, and it wasn't like the missed opportunity of game-- what was it, Game 4? Game 4? That was just like anger mostly, and just disappointment because of, you know, just how-- just unready to play they were.

The Leafs played so well. So well. And I think as excited as I was for this game, I was also extremely terrified because, again, I knew the push that we would get from Tampa. You all knew the push that, you know, we get from Tampa. I mean, Tampa has made it their identity to respond from losses in the playoffs. They're undefeated, and they gain next game after a playoff loss.

So I knew it. I expected the push, and I was worried as to what [INAUDIBLE] would be able to withstand that push, whether they'd be able to hold the fort and-- They played great. They played great, you know?

They-- I think for the majority of the game, especially at five on five, I felt like they were in control. You know, they weren't spending too much time in their own end. And if so, you know, they're hard battles to the slot, clearing rebounds, you know, regaining pucks, reloading, getting the forecheck going, cycling the puck, like, just literally everything, everything that we wanted for them to see as far as a playoff team we saw.

And the only thing-- and that-- and this is what bothers me about the loss is it's like, two goals on two turnovers. [INAUDIBLE] Foote's fricking drop pass to Narnia, I guess the thinking Brody was there wasn't. Andrei [INAUDIBLE] picks it up, goal.

Man, it's just like-- but then, you know, you're down to nothing, it's OK. All right? Because-- oh, and the second goal, I completely missed the second goal. Mikheyev brushing up ice. This a shorthanded goal which is so not the flake, especially this season, considering how good the penalty-- the power play has been.

You know, the turnover in the neutral zone from Mikheyev, come down, Cirelli spins around, shovels a puck into Jack Campbell. That's probably one that, you know, probably like a stop there. I don't know. I don't know.

But then, that magic from Game 5 comes back where they battle back. Right? They don't stop their level of play. They keep going.

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