Maple Leafs fans are dreading Game 7

After 18 years of playoff heartache, Toronto fans just want one series win but after the Tampa Bay Lightning forced the Leafs to a Game 7 decider, fans are fearing the worst for their team.

Video Transcript

- I just want to say-- again, I've said it multiple times-- I just want to see the tweet, that Toronto Maple Leafs advanced to the second round. That's all I want to see, that's all. I just want to win something. I'm tired of losing, and I'm tired of being the team they can't win a round. I'm tired of that being the go to chirp, and I bet non-Leaf fans are having a field day with this right now.

But yeah, they can change that, Saturday Game 7. I guess, if anything, if we're looking for a storybook finish, I guess it had to happen here, because this is Leaf's MO when it comes to the playoffs. They have some type of series lead, they have an opportunity to end it, it goes to Game 7. So we'll have to see how Saturday goes.

I was excited for this game. I was looking forward to it. I got to be honest, man, I'm dreading that game, because-- I don't know-- seven doesn't seem to be our lucky number.

Historically, Game 7 is usually our worst game of the series. And if that pattern continues, then there's no way they win. So they've had a stretch of the stretch of two playoff games where they've played really, really well. They've had-- I don't know-- 3/4 of two playoff games where they played well, because the first period of Game 5 was not good. But yeah, I guess we'll have to see.

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