How many Maple Leafs will score 30 goals this season?

John Tavares and William Nylander have already reached double digits and if Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner can repeat their scoring exploits from last season, the Maple Leafs could finish the campaign with four players over the 30-goal mark.

Video Transcript

OMAR: The Leafs are decent right now? I mean, they just won their game against the Buffalo Sabers, a game which, be honest-- raise your hand if you thought they were going to lose. I did. I thought it was a textbook loss.

Buffalo was on a seven-game losing streak. The Leafs always find a way to lose to Buffalo. They're in their sick Reverse Retro jerseys. But they didn't. They won. And in fact, Nylander and Tavares hit the double digit milestone for the first time this season, which is pretty solid.

Now, their scoring in particular is interesting because now they're both on pace to score over 40 goals. And if those two hit 40 and Matthews and Marner do their thing, then there could be a point where the Leafs have four 30-goal scorers. Last year they had three. Matthews set records with 60. Marner had 35. Nylander had 34. And Tavares came short with 27.

Now if both Nylander and Tavares continue to produce at the rate that they've been producing and hit that 30-goal mark and Auston Matthews does his thing and Mitch Marner starts to do his thing, then it can be a pretty solid foundation for the top four to have that high octane scoring power that we all know.

And if you'll take that and compare it with the bottom six and how the bottom six has been starting to contribute offensively, then the Leafs are pretty covered everywhere, at least when it comes to goals. And in those stretches of the season where you really need a goal, if you know you can get a goal from the top six and you know you can get a goal from the bottom six, then it makes it a lot easier to win games. Now, obviously, there's defense and goaltending and stuff. But at least as far as the offense goes, I think the Leafs are in a pretty solid spot.