How many kids are out sick at your school because of COVID? See what the data shows

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COVID-19 cases are surging among Kansas City’s school-aged children. State data shows that the school districts in and around Kansas City are some of the hardest-hit in Missouri by the virus. Local Kansas school districts are experiencing case rates over 3% in recent weeks.

Children and teenagers are among the least-vaccinated groups in the Kansas City area, and are being hospitalized at record-breaking rates. Illness among school staff is also causing concern— districts including Park Hill and Raymore-Peculiar warned parents this week that schools may close if staff shortages continue.

State and local officials track certain COVID-19 data, like case numbers and vaccination rates, among children ages 5 to 19. You can break down the data further by age group and specific school districts.

Most school districts in the area also have their own COVID-19 data dashboards where you can see how many people have tested positive or are absent because of COVID-19 in each school.

Here’s how to check your district’s numbers and compare it to others.

Screen grab from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services
Screen grab from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services

How does my school district compare to others in the state?

This interactive map shows school district data for every district in Missouri. Hover over a district to see its latest data, or scroll down to the list to look by district or focus in on a specific age group.

This interactive map shows school district data for every district in Kansas. Hover over a district to see its latest case numbers from the most recent two-week reporting period.

What are the latest case numbers from local school districts?

In Missouri, 710 new COVID-19 cases among children ages 5 to 19 were reported between Dec. 29 and Jan. 11 by Kansas City Public Schools. Nearby school districts also had high case numbers: during this period North Kansas City reported 366 cases, Independence saw 224 and Lee’s Summit saw 283.

In Kansas, the Kansas City Unified School District reported 537 cases among residents ages 5 to 17 in the first two weeks of 2022. Nearby Shawnee Mission Public Schools reported 931, Olathe reported 947 and Blue Springs reported 850—all three of these districts had a case rate of over 30 per 1,000 students, or 3% overall.

These high case rates are responsible for many local schools’ return to mask policies and other safety measures in recent weeks. As closures loom for many local districts, Missouri and Kansas state policies prevent schools from transitioning to remote learning.

Where do I find more data on COVID-19 in my school district?

Each school district in Kansas and Missouri has a dedicated COVID-19 dashboard with more specific information about case numbers, vaccination rates and more.

Some of these numbers may differ from state data because they include school staff members or count cases differently in other ways.

Here’s where to find your district’s data in and around Kansas City:


Belton School District #124 COVID-19 dashboard

Blue Springs School District COVID-19 dashboard

Center School District COVID-19 dashboard

Fort Osage R-1 School District COVID-19 dashboard

Grandview C-4 School District COVID-19 dashboard

Hickman Mills C-1 School District COVID-19 dashboard

Independence School District COVID-19 dashboard

Kansas City (KCPS) COVID-19 dashboard

Lee’s Summit R-7 School District COVID-19 dashboard

North Kansas City School District COVID-19 dashboard

Park Hill School District COVID-19 dashboard

Platte County R-3 School District COVID-19 dashboard

Raymore-Peculiar School District COVID-19 dashboard

Raytown C-2 School District COVID-19 dashboard


Blue Valley Schools COVID-19 dashboard

De Soto USD 232 COVID-19 dashboard

Gardner Edgerton School District 231 COVID-19 dashboard

Kansas City (KCKPS) COVID-19 dashboard

Lansing USD 469 COVID-19 dashboard

Olathe Public Schools USD 233 dashboard

Piper USD 203 COVID-19 dashboard

Shawnee Mission School District COVID-19 dashboard

Spring Hill USD 230 COVID-19 dashboard

COVID-19 dashboards were not available for Liberty School District in Missouri or for Bonner Springs / Edwardsville USD 204 or Turner USD 202 in Kansas.

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