Manel Kape shares harsh words for Alex Perez: ‘Cowards die several times before their death’

Manel Kape was not happy to hear his bout against Alex Perez was scrapped on the day of the fight, but he says it wasn’t a surprise.

During the UFC on ESPN 43 prelims, the commentary team announced Perez was forced out of the scheduled fight due to a medical issue. There were just two more bouts to go before Kape and Perez were set to make the walk to the cage at AT&T Center in San Antonio.

Details about the medical issue Perez faced were not disclosed, and the event continued with one less bout.

Shortly after the announcement was made, Kape shared some harsh words for Perez, who has had a recent string of bad luck when it comes to making it to the cage.

“Unfortunately, my opponent just came to the weighing to pose and take a picture!” Kape wrote on Instagram. “Inside me I felt that he would not have the courage to face me, our energies were totally different and I knew that he did not want to be here, he did not want the same as I wanted, and it was notorious the fear that emanated from him.

“But I was surprised to see him getting on the bus and I really thought we were going to fight. Even after grabbing him by the neck and giving him some good slaps in the chest, in the meeting room. We arrived at the Arena, warmed up, turned on my hands and only three fights left for our fight, he just gave up! Your DNA is an abomination. Unlike you, my DNA is from fearless warriors coming from Queen NJinga Mbande, my DNA has history. I kill by the sword and die by the sword inside the battlefield.
YOU COWARD! Cowards die several times before their death.”

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Story originally appeared on MMA Junkie