Man uses pocket knife to kill wife he said cheated, Indiana cops say. ‘I lost my mind’

A man fatally stabbed his wife who he claimed he caught cheating on him with another man, Indiana police say.

The Tuesday, Dec. 6, incident in Anderson, a northwest suburb of Indianapolis, led to the arrest of Curtis Williams Sr. on a murder charge, according to an affidavit of probable cause. He is accused of killing his wife, Claudette Williams, who police say bled out in the living room of the couple’s home.

“I lost my mind, man,” Curtis Williams, 61, told an Anderson Police Department officer as he was being interviewed, court documents show.

Williams said he came home around 7:30 or 8 a.m. Tuesday and caught his wife with another man in a bedroom, police said. He tried to chase after the other man, but said he was cut by his wife with a kitchen knife.

That’s when Williams “cut her back,” he said. He used a pocket knife to slash his wife in the neck, police said.

“I accepted nothing less than death,” said Williams, who told officers he did not know how many times he stabbed his wife.

Williams called 911 at 10 a.m., telling dispatchers he killed his wife, according to police. When officers arrived, they found Claudette Williams dead in the living room and naked from the waist down, court records show.

Police said they found trails of blood leading from the living room, to the kitchen and master bedroom. Officers found the wife holding a kitchen knife, but police feel it was planted by her husband.

“There was blood on the blade of the kitchen knife, however, it appeared to be droplets of blood and not consistent with being used to cut someone,” the affidavit states. “The handle of the blue knife also had droplets of blood on it, but did not have a bloody handprint on it. The victim’s hands had a large amount of blood in the palms, but there was not enough blood on the handle consistent with being held by Claudette while she was bleeding.”

The cut Williams had on his arm near his wrist, police believe, was self-inflicted “in order to establish a self-defense claim or to commit suicide.” Williams denied he cut himself, according to police.

His wound exposed tendons, muscles and bones, but he refused treatment, police said. He was eventually treated and released from a hospital.

“I have destroyed my life,” Williams told an arresting officer, court documents show. Sixth paragraph of page three

He remains in the Madison County Jail as of Thursday, Dec. 8.

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