Man tries to sell stolen bike rack on Facebook — to its owner who showed up with cops

Dawid Sokołowski via Unsplash

A man who said his bike rack was stolen a couple of weeks ago was checking Facebook Marketplace when he spotted something familiar — his bike rack, according to police in Oklahoma.

He contacted the seller acting as though he wanted to buy the bike rack, then they agreed to meet at a McDonald’s in Tulsa, police said.

But when the seller arrived “a short time later” — shortly before 3 p.m. Monday, Dec. 5 — he wasn’t really meeting an interested buyer, according to a Dec. 7 news release from the Tulsa Police Department.

As he was “pulling a wagon with the bike rack in the back of it,” officers stopped him to talk, police said. The seller “claimed the bike rack was given to him and he was just selling it for a friend,” according to the release shared on Facebook.

The original owner had keys that unlocked the bike rack, authorities said, and he was able to identify its specific features. The bike rack was returned to him.

The other man was arrested on a charge of knowingly concealing stolen property after former conviction of a felony, police said.

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