Man stunned after fiancée ‘trashed [his] room’ looking for money: ‘She’s just using you’

A man is hoarding his casino winnings from his fiancée, who is severely in debt.

He asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum if it was the right move after his fiancée and in-laws became upset. His fiancée has been struggling to pay off her debts for years. Allegedly, she isn’t exactly great with money and keeps maxing out her credit cards.

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“We decided to go on a vacation and decided to have some fun at a casino. I put in a reasonable amount and ended up winning a large jackpot. The money was enough to put towards some of the bills and mortgage,” he explained.

“My fiancé kept begging me to use all of the money on her debt and I told her that I had concerns about her going back into debt. She has been staying quiet and won’t talk to me unless it’s in regards to the money.”

When they got home from vacation, she trashed their entire room looking for the money. But he had already deposited it in his bank account. Her parents were also unhappy with his decision.

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“We invited her parents over for dinner and she told them how much I won,” he wrote. “Her family thinks that since I am going to be her husband that all my money should be hers. I feel that because I have my concerns about her going right back into debt that I do not trust her with this large amount of money.”

Redditors thought he should consider dumping her.

“You really need to rethink marrying someone that would trash your room looking for money that doesn’t belong to her. Lots of red flags here,” a user said.

“She’s just using you to pay off her debt and then charge things back up,” another warned.

“I wouldn’t marry her until she showed a different attitude about money,” someone added.

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