Man sentenced for Thedford beating

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Kyle Pinnell will be on probation for the next year following a 2019 incident where he chased a man down and beat him up.

In the early evening of Dec. 7, 2019 Pinnell, now 22, became upset when a man walked by his Allen Street home. The two began “chirping back and forth,” as described by Crown Attorney Ryan Iaquinta.

Pinnell asked the man if he’d like to fight but the man said it was too cold. He continued walking into the dark and freezing winter night.

Not satisfied his invitation was rejected, Pinnell hopped in his red SUV and pursued the man onto King Street. Pinnell hopped out and after being declined again, punched the man in the face.

Pinnell threw the stunned man to the ground and continued to punch and kick him in the head. He finally drove off, leaving the beaten man with injuries to his face and a torn jacket.

Iaquinta asked for a suspended sentence since Pinnell has already been shown the leniency of a conditional discharge in the past. He’ll be on probation for the next year. Pinnell can't have any contact with the man and must take counselling for anger management.

Pinnell is also banned from having any weapons for the next decade and owes the man $100 for the jacket.

Alex Kurial, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Independent

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