Man pretends to be his son to ask minors for nude photos on Instagram, Utah cops say

A Utah man has been charged with six counts of attempted sexual exploitation after being accused of using his son’s Instagram to ask for nude photos from minors.

The 39-year-old man’s ex-wife contacted the Brigham City Police Department to report that he had been using her son’s phone to message female teenagers, according to an incident report.

The ex-wife reported to the police that her son was kicked out of his father’s house and stayed with her all weekend, authorities said. The son left his phone at his father’s home. McClatchy News is not identifying the father to protect the identity of his son.

The son told his mother that his father had been messaging girls on his Instagram account, asking for explicit photos, according to the report. On one occasion the man sent a photo of his leg during a conversation, police said.

The man sent a text to a juvenile on May 8, saying, “Your sexy as hell, send send me the sexiest picture you got,” according to the report.

“Let’s see what your working with?? Show me your goods,” the man said in another message, according to police.

The man was taken into custody and said he did not have any recollection of sending the messages, police said.

He was described by authorities as “being very angry with his son at that time and drinking alcohol heavily on a nightly basis.”

He was charged on Sept. 26 with six attempted sexual exploitation counts, according to news outlets.

Brigham City is about 60 miles north of Salt Lake City.

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