Man makes ‘concerning’ discovery after looking through fiancée’s bag for work: ‘She’s up to something’

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A man thinks his fiancée is behaving suspiciously after he discovered lingerie in her work bag. 

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He consulted Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum for help. The poster discovered lingerie in his fiancée’s work bag. When he confronted her she got defensive and told him it was just an extra change of underwear. But he thinks she’s hiding something.  

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“My fiancée works a regular 9 to 5 office job,” the Reddit poster said. “Now I normally don’t go looking through her personal stuff unless I have her permission. Last Tuesday when she got home from work and was extremely tired she asked me to take her bag and put it in our bedroom. I casually grabbed her back on my way to the bedroom and when I placed it on the nightstand, I noticed a strange item inside since the zipper was half open. 

“I decided to take a closer look and pulled out what seemed to be two-piece lingerie that I’d never seen before. I was confused and couldn’t make sense of why she would take lingerie with her to work. I walked out and asked her about it. She sat up (she was lying resting on the couch) and stared at what I was holding in my hand for a few seconds. Then said she took those to work with her to change in case the underwear she was wearing at the time would start making her uncomfortable. But these aren’t classified underwear.” 

His fiancée defended her actions by suggesting women do this all the time.

“She argued that it’s women’s underwear and I have no idea what I was talking about,” he wrote. “I said, ‘OK, then explain [it] to me,’ and she got upset, then got up and snatched them out of my hand, mumbling ‘jerk’ under her breath. I followed her into the bedroom, expressing how strange it was for her to take lingerie to work then keep them in her bag. She got annoyed and said this stuff is found in women’s bags all the time and again, I have no clue. I got annoyed at how she was speaking to me and asked her to stop being rude while talking to me. 

“But she lashed out in return saying it’s completely normal and she didn’t understand why I was overreacting like that over some replacement underwear. I pointed out I’ve never seen those before and she said she bought them days ago and kept them in her bag or forgot them there if it matters. I just stared at her not knowing what to say in this instance. She got in bed and told me to give her some time to get some sleep. Now every time I try to talk to her about it she says I’m overreacting and tells me to drop it.”

Redditors thought the fiancée’s behavior was unusual. 

“She’s up to something. Pay attention to other red flags,” someone said

“Her changing story is really, really concerning and I wouldn’t buy it,” another wrote

“Trust your gut,” a person advised

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