Man Kicks Car in Dispute at London Service Station Amid Fuel Crisis

A man was filmed kicking a car and clinging to its hood during an argument at a packed service station in southeast London on September 27, as the UK grappled with supply chain issues affecting fuel deliveries.

Footage by Stefan Silva shows the man speaking animatedly to the driver of a car outside a service station in Welling. He is then seen clinging to the hood of the car while it’s moving, before kicking the driver’s door and wing mirror.

According to Silva, as quoted by the Evening Standard, the man in the footage was shouting, accusing the driver of jumping the line for petrol.

According to a police statement reported by The Mirror, officers were called to a “disturbance involving two motorists” shortly after 2:30 pm.

“Officers attended and found no trace of either vehicle. No injuries were reported and no suspects were identified,” a statement read.

The BBC reported that it was estimated the UK had a shortage of more than 100,000 truck drivers, causing disruption to deliveries in a number of industries.

The UK government said “British Army tanker drivers will be brought to a state of readiness in order to be deployed if required to deliver fuel.” Credit: Stefan Silva via Storyful

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