Man jailed 19 years for bank robbery busted again — for bank robbery, Florida cops say

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A “seasoned bank robber” recently released from prison is back behind bars in Florida — after he was accused of robbing another bank, according to the Belle Isle Police Department.

It happened it Tuesday, June 28, at the McCoy Federal Credit Union, police said in a news release. Belle Isle is just south of Orlando.

Witnesses told detectives a man “handed the teller a note saying he had a gun and demanding money.”

The same man was later found “next door at the Comfort Suites with his bags packed and leaving the hotel,” police said in the release.

Investigators did not report what led them to the 54-year-old suspect or what he was doing in Belle Isle. His last known address was in Baltimore, Maryland, Orange County jail records show.

“He is a seasoned bank robber and recently was released from a 19-year prison sentence for multiple very violent bank robberies. Thankfully, no one was injured today,” police said.

Charges include robbery with threat of a weapon and grand theft third degree, records show.

The suspect’s past charges were documented in a 2002 Baltimore Sun article, which reported he staged four holdups the year before while he wore disguises that included “hospital scrubs and a stethoscope” and “a stylish suit and fedora.” He was accused of dragging tellers and bank managers “by their hair” during robberies, the newspaper reported.

The suspect was released from prison in 2020, according to

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