Man faces backlash over reaction to wife’s shopping decision: ‘How about being her partner?’

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A husband wants to make the big decision to get rid of his wife’s bean bag chair. 

He consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to see if his choice was justifiable. The issue is his wife’s bean bag chair must be refilled with styrofoam pellets that seem to get everywhere and linger for months. 

“A while back, my wife bought a refill pack for her beanbag chair, which was getting flat and compressed. She took the refill and the chair onto the porch, opened them both up and poured one into the other,” the husband explained. “This was a disaster. The refill is made of some kind of tiny white styrofoam-ish pellets, ranging from the size of a pea to the size of a sesame seed. And the prevailing winds on our porch being what they are, they all got blown directly back into the apartment. They got everywhere. It took us months to get rid of them all, especially since there were plenty still on the porch and they would get into the house every time we opened the door.”

Recently, his wife bought another refill for the beanbag chair. 

“I reminded her of what happened last time and begged her to just forget about it. She promised me she’d do it elsewhere, suggesting the apartment building’s garage.[…] But yesterday evening I woke up (I work nights) to discover that my wife and son had filled the beanbag chair together while I was asleep. […] Then I walked into the bathroom. Pellets in the toilet. Pellets in the bathtub. Pellets static-clinging to shampoo bottles. Pellets static-clinging to the walls, as high as my shoulders. Pellets everywhere,” he wrote.

Now he just wants to get rid of the old chair. 

“I want to unilaterally throw away this beanbag chair, maybe not immediately, because it’s full right now and useful, but as soon as I notice it getting flat again and before my wife is tempted to create another polystyrene blizzard in the house,” the husband stated.

Reddit users didn’t agree with how the husband was handling things. 

“How about being her partner and helping her solve a problem that is meaningful to her?” a user commented.

“You don’t throw away the possessions of someone else because they annoy you,” another said

“Don’t escalate this argument by destroying your wife’s personal property,” someone added.

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